ORU College Baseball

Baseball ORU vs SW Missouri State - Missouri player slides into 3rd base, ORU player tagging him.

Watch college baseball at it’s best as the ORU Golden Eagles, 2017 Summit League Conference Champions, play live on KGEB.

Rain Delay New Date February 25 @1:00pm V Nevada
March 16 @6:30pm V S. Dakota St
March 20 @6:30pm V Nebraska
March 31 @5:00pm V N. Dakota St
April 3 @6:30pm V Oklahoma University
April 13 @6:30pm V Ft. Wayne
April 27 @2:00pm V Western Illinois
May 1 @6:30pm V Oklahoma St University
May 12 @6:30pm V Omaha
May 13 @1:00pm V Omaha

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